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Sustained resolution of preexisting dactylitis up to 5 years1,a

Line graph showing sustained resolution of preexisting dactylitis up to 5 years. Please see full Important Safety Information.

aPALACE 1-3 pooled analysis. Data as observed; includes all patients who received OTEZLA 30 mg BID, regardless of whether they were initially randomized to OTEZLA 30 mg BID or placebo patients who were re-randomized to OTEZLA at week 16 or week 24.

Patients treated with OTEZLA 30 mg BID achieved significantly greater improvement vs placebo in dactylitis count (mean change of -1.8 vs -1.3, P<0.01) at week 242†

*Pooled patient data from PALACE 1-3; includes all randomized patients with dactylitis (baseline dactylitis count >0; n = 633). Resolution was defined as a dactylitis count of 0.

LOCF; for patients who qualified for early escape at week 16, the week 16 value was carried forward.

BID, twice daily; LOCF, last observation carried forward; PALACE, Psoriatic Arthritis Long-Term Assessment of Clinical Efficacy.


Resolution of preexisting dactylitis at months 1 and 42,a


aLAPIS-PsA study, interim analysis at 4 months. Data as observed among patients with value available at specified time point.

In a real-world clinical setting, OTEZLA led to complete resolution of dactylitis2†

*Among patients with dactylitis count >0 at baseline (n = 32/110, 29.9%).

Defined as dactylitis count = 0.

LAPIS-PsA, Study of Apremilast Use in Patients with Psoriatic Arthritic in Practice Conditions.


  1. Kavanaugh A, Gladman DD, Edwards CJ, et al. Long-term experience with apremilast in patients with psoriatic arthritis: 5-year results from a PALACE 1-3 pooled analysis. Arthritis Res Ther. 2019;21(1):118.
  2. Gladman DD, Kavanaugh A, Gómez-Reino JJ, et al. Therapeutic benefit of apremilast on enthesitis and dactylitis in patients with psoriatic arthritis: a pooled analysis of the PALACE 1-3 studies. RMD Open. 2018;4(1):e000669.
  3. Wollenhaupt J, Vollmer M, Berger S, Bach C, Altmann M, Nunez Gomez N. Real-world insights on apremilast treatment in psoriatic arthritis patients: interim analysis of the multicenter LAPIS-PsA study. Presented at: the 45th Congress of the German Society of Rheumatology (DGRh); 6-9 September 2017; Stuttgart, Germany.
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